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The American 1890's: Find Articles

A Course Specific Guide to Library Research for HIST 385: The American 1890's

What is a database?

Databases provide electronic access to high-quality, peer-reviewed journal articles; conference proceedings; book chapters; dissertations and other sources.

When carrying out your research, you will need to search more than one database to find all of the journal articles relevant to your topic, as each database covers different journals.

Searching by Jounal Title: Journals A-Z List

In addition to databases, articles can also be accessed by title using our A-Z Journal search.

This method of searching is also useful if you have found an article on the web, and would like to know if you have access through Long Library.

Here is a step-by-step for navigating the A-Z List:

First, go to the library homepage (, select the "Journal" tab, and then click on the link to browse journals.

If you know the title of journal you are looking for, select a "title" search--> enter the title-->select "Journals Only"--> and click "search"

If we have the title, it will appear with a series of links to databases for access, along with the dates available. NOTE: if you see the term "embargo" this means that the title is not available in electronic format for a year prior to the current date. You may need to see if this title is available in print at the library using the library catalog.

Once you select a database, you will be re-directed to another search screen--from there you can search for your article.

If you don't have a specific title you are looking for, you can also browse for journals by subject area.

Best Databases for History Research

Video Tutorial: Search Using Subject Headings

This quick video tutorial, produced by Western University, does an excellent job explaining subject term searching and why it's a usefull research skill.

Suggested Titles for Historic Journals in Print @ Long Library

Location: Bound Journals, First Floor, Long Library