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The American 1890's: Reference Sources

A Course Specific Guide to Library Research for HIST 385: The American 1890's

What are Reference Sources & Why Are They Useful?

Not sure where to start? Consulting reference sources (encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks) is a great way to start any research project (Think Wikipedia--but credible). Reference resources, such as subject encyclopedias, can provide:

  • summaries
  • definitions
  • associative and synonymous terms to make searching easier
  • names of individuals associated with events
  • important dates and facts
  • maps
  • timelines
  • data
  • bibliographies and suggested sources for further reading
  • help to narrow a topic and generate research questions.



Search For Online Reference Sources

If print isn't really your thing...try search searching for reference sources in "Credo," our online database of reference sources.

Suggested Reference Titles