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BCS: Scientific Literature: Library Tutorial: Searching by Journal Title

This guide provides step-by-step instructions for scientific research using Long Library resources.

Searching by Journal Title: Journal A-Z List

In addition to databases, articles can also be accessed by title using our A-Z Journal search.

This method of searching is also useful if you have found an article on the web, or in a list of references, and would like to know if you have access through Long Library.

Step One:

Here is a step-by-step for navigating the A-Z List:

First, go to the library homepage (, select the "Journal" tab, and then click on the link. 


Next step:

If you know the exact title of the journal, select "Titles Exact Match" from the drop down menu and enter the title in the search box. If you only know part of the title, select "Title Contains" from the drop down. After you click "Search," you should get a listing of links to databases that have access to the title you are looking for.

Select a database link provided. Be sure to pay attention to the dates covered in each database. If you see the term "embargo" after the date listed, this means that electronic access is unavailable for current issues of the title. In some cases there may be an embargo up to one year from present date.

Last step:

After you select a database and link, you will be redirected to a databse and can now directly search though the specific journal (in this case "Ecology") for your article. From here you can either search using the tittle of the article, or a do a keyword search, using the search box provided. You can also search for your specifc article title below if you know the date/volume/issue.