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Wells College Archives and Rare Book Collection: Policies and Forms

Rules for Using the College Archives

  1. The Archives are available Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 4:00pm. Please email or call 315-364-3351 to make an appointment.
  2. All researchers must fill out a Researcher Application before using the Archives.  Forms are available at the Main Desk. Researchers from outside of the Wells College community (students, faculty, staff) will be asked to present a photo ID.
  3. Smoking, drinking, eating and use of cell phones are prohibited. All bags must be stowed under the table when archives materials are in use.
  4. PENCILS ONLY are to be used for note taking.
  5. Only ONE Box or volume will be retrieved at a time, except where special arrangements have been made.  Only ONE folder may be used by the researcher at a time. Archival materials are not permitted to leave the Learning Commons area of the library.
  6. All materials must be handled with extreme care to ensure their preservation for future generations.  Turn pages carefully; make no marks on the materials; do not rest books or other objects on the face or surface of items used; and preserve the existing order and arrangement of all unbound material.
  7. If a mistake in arrangement is discovered, please call it to the attention of a staff member – DO NOT rearrange the material yourself.
  8. All material must be obtained from and returned to the Archives by a staff member. Researchers may use the material in the circulation area of the Library and are responsible for returning the material to a staff member or the student assistant on duty at the Main Desk.
  9. Materials may be kept aside for returning researchers for up to five working days. After that, unless special arrangements are made, the material will be returned to the Archives.
  10. In most cases, photocopying must be done by a staff member. The Library may refuse requests for reproductions when the conditions of the originals are too fragile for photocopying. The charge is $.10 per copy. For mail orders, the charge is $.25 per copy, plus postage and handling fees.
  11. Photographs – reproductions will be scanned by a Library staff member. The charge is $30 per item.
  12. The researcher is responsible for obtaining any necessary permission to publish from the copyright holder. The Library reserves the right to refuse any photocopying request that may violate copyright.
  13. In the event that this research becomes a source for publication, the Wells College Archives requests a copy of the publication. If a copy is unavailable, please send a bibliographical note.
  14. For citations in published or unpublished papers, this repository should be listed as: Wells College Archives, Louis Jefferson Long Library, Aurora, New York.

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