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Literature: Find Articles/Journals/Books

Online Reference Sources

Reference sources are good places to begin research on a topic.  Articles and entries in these publications often are written by scholars in the field and provide basic facts about a topic, as well as definitions of related terms.

Articles in reference sources can also lead to additional sources on a topic through bibliographies and other lists of recommended readings.

Books in Long Library

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American Literature Web Resources

The following links can assist in your research and lead you to some primary sources. See the Primary Source page for additional links.

  • American Authors on the Web:  Also from WSU, this is a good gateway to sites concerned with individual writers.  Authors are listed by time period, so use the date ranges at the top to navigate.
  • Literary Resources: American: from Jack Lynch at Rutgers, this is a handy gateway site, though you must scroll for the subject categories.


Reference Help

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Locating Articles - Literature & Language Databases



Search here for a specific journal title or to see a list of literature and language journals (print and electronic) held by the library. You may also browse journals by subject through this link.

Locating Articles - General and Multi-Disciplinary Databases

These databases include the full text of articles in a broad array of scholarly and popular journals. Some also include newspapers and general interest publications.

Selected E-Journals

WorldCat - Find Books/Media and Request Material via Interlibrary Loan

Search for books, journal titles, dissertations, and media in other libraries, and request material via Interlibrary Loan.

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Locating e-Books

The eBook Collection provides access to more than 118,000 full-text scholarly, reference, and professional eBooks.

British Literature Web Resources

The following links can assist in your research and lead you to some primary sources. See the Primary Source page for additional links.
  • Internet Shakespeare Editions: A search engine for Shakespeare's plays and poems as well as information about his life and times, critical studies and performance history.
  • EuroDocs: One of the best places to start for all time periods of European history. Extensive collection of primary sources and links to other sites. Browse by broad era (prehistory/ancient, medieval/renaissance, modern) or by country.
  • The Camelot Project:  From the University of Rochester, this is a wide-ranging database of texts, images, and information. 
  • Chaucer Metapage: Hosted by the University of North Carolina, this is a good gateway to Chaucer, his work, and the 14th century context.
  • Luminarium: An outstanding site, it covers Medieval, Renaissance, 17th Century, and the Restoration.  In addition to the author links in each section, be sure to look at the resources gathered under "Essays and Articles" and "Additional Sources." 
  • Eighteenth-Century Resources: Don't let the plain Web design fool you; Jack Lynch of Rutgers has compiled the best online gateway to the 18th century.
  • Literary Resources: Romantic: Links from Jack Lynch at Rutgers.
  • Victorian Web: An outstanding gateway for the literature, fine arts, political/social history, philosophy, religion, and science of the 19th century.